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Mannheim Meeting Place MMP 2016 took place during IFFMH 13th -16th November 2016.

8th annual MMP to take place from

13th to 16th November 2017

You can find more information under the link here





March 2017:


Rati Tsiteladze from Georgia with project “Empty House” (MMP 2015) has advanced to a place with Cinefondation Residence 2017:


34th session:


February 2017:




The MMP 2013 Serb lead project “Requiem for MRS.J” directed by Bojan Vuletic, (lead producer Nenad Dukic, SEE Film) screens in Berlin 2017 in the Panorama Section as a Panorama Special title.


Main co-production partners are Geopoly Film in Sofia and Tomi Salkovski from Skopje Film Studio, Macedonia. Further support came from Alexsander Rodnyanski of Non-Stop Production, (Moscow), and Alice Ormieres of Surprise Alley,(Paris).


Eurimages support was granted in December 2015.


Requiem” also received post production support from Karlovy Vary FF and ended as the only recipient among ten for the 2016 French CNC Aide de la Finition. The sound design from the Bulgarian partner has been defined as excellent.

MMP is credited with providing the Bulgarian partner for the film’s sound, shooting and post.




February 2017:




MMP 2013 Lithuanian lead project “Miracle”, directed by Egle Vertelyte, (lead producer Lukas Trimonis) . Eurimages support was granted in December 2015. Cinematographer is Bulgaria’s Emil Hristov, co-producers are Pavlina Jeleva at Bulgaria’s Geopoly and Radoslawa Bardes at Poland’s ORKA.


World Sales have been signed with Paris-based WIDE, and the film is shown at Berlin’s EFM.




December 2016


SMUGGLING HENDRIX” directed and produced by Marios Piperides has finished shooting in Cyprus. It has German theatrical distribution (Neue Visionen) , world sales with Match Factory and Arte support. Eurimages support was also granted.




MENOPAUSE” (MMP 2015), dir. Tonia Mishiali will start shooting in Cyprus in March with Stelana Kliris producing.




URSUS” (co-prod Georgia-Ukraine-Bulgaria-Germany, also co-production case study MMP 2015) is in post-production in Leipzig after additional shooting in a re-started Ukraine. Editing is expected to end soon. (October 2016).




( Macedonian production (original title “Nameless”) from MMP 2013 (Producer Ognen Antov) was screened during Berlinale 2016. )



MMP 2015 EVENTS – Case Studies - November


A series of case studies dominate Events during MMP 2015: first of all “Co-production and War” – an examination of the Georgian (Studio “O”) – Ukrainian (Fresh Film) – Bulgarian (Geopoly) – German (Aktis Film, Leipzig) co-production “URSUS”, starring French actress Joséphine de La Baume. With 10 days left to shoot, a war started, and the local currency spiraled downwards – the pitfalls for co-production in such a hazardous situation (without the bear, but with the Ukrainians due to fulfil the majority role) is examined. MMP provided the relationship with Bulgaria. Georgia’s Otar Shamatava, Ukraine’s Oleg Shcherbyna, Bulgaria’s Pavlina Jeleva and Aktis Film’s Stelios Ziannis from Leipzig attend as co-producers.


The second “case study” is an intimate look at German producer Christine Haupt’s three recent minority co-productions: ending with 2015’s “Un Certain Regard” entry Radu Muntean’s “The Floor Below”, co-produced with Romania, Sweden & France. We back-track through 2014’s Golden Rose Winner (Bulgarian majority co-production, also with Croatian minority co-producer) “Judgment” directed by Stefan Komandarev, to “Fair Play” (minority co-production with Czech Republic & Slovakia.)




MMP 2015 - Recent News:


MMP 2014 in fact brought about a constructive relationship between another Ugandan project and Israel’s Transfax Robert Nyanzi’s “Goat Rustlers”, which is continuing script re-writes under the watchful eye of script doctor Sari Turgeman (also Israeli, no relation).




Bulgaria’s busy Pavlina Jeleva (Geopoly, Sofia) has recently received the only funding as the best out of 11 projects presented at the latest minority call in Bulgaria. Lithuanian majority producer Lukas Trimonis (In Script) has taken advantage for his project “Miracle”(MMP 2013) written/directed by Egle Vertelyte, to hire top Bulgarian DoP Emil Hristov.


Pavlina Jeleva is a well-established figure at MMP by now: apart from her joining “Miracle”, Mannheim also has helped provide the relationship for “Ursus” (see above) and further projects to be made public at some point.




And Cuba’s MMP 2013 project entry “Santa y Delfin” produced by Claudia Calvino, helped by MMP to funds from EZEF Germany, “definitely starts shooting” this summer. Calvino’s husband, director Carlos Lechuga, took away the 2013 Main Award of IFF Mannheim Heidelberg with “Melaza” (also produced by Calvino).




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