MMP 2013

The International Meeting Place for Industry and start-up Producers

The International Meeting-place for Industry and start-up Producers

Mannheim Meeting Place (MMP) commences each July/August for a November deadline. It is perhaps the only co-production market in the world that takes on start-up art-house film producers for a co-production matching experience that can last up to 10 weeks each year.
Apart from a pool of minority producers working with MMP from over 30 countries, MMP Residents include working world professionals from the Production, Legal, Financial, Literary, Music, Sales, Acquisition and other film industry sectors – so knowledge, talent and feedback are present throughout.
If you think there is a place for you at MMP 2014, as a:
start-up producer on your first or second majority arthouse production, looking for co-production partners,

OR as a minority arthouse producer looking for projects into your territory
OR as an arthouse sales company, industry expert, or responsible for arthouse acquisitions

please contact us anytime at the address below.

Co-production submissions (see producer Guidelines 2014)  close September 1st  2014 - so a July/August start is recommended. (Other sector participants should always submit for accreditations early!) to:

Julek Kedzierski

Coordinator MMP 2014
a part of IFF Mannheim Heidelberg
Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg
Collini-Center, Galerie 
D-68161 Mannheim / Germany

telephone:  +4962115699033
Fax: +49621291564
Email: mmp(at)