MMP 2013

News No. 2

MMP 2013 News No 2: 30th September - HALF WAY POINT

With 230 “virtual meetings” behind them, and more than half a dozen serious match offers on the table as a result,  MMP 2013 once again confirms  Mannheim’s  role as the  experimental event  among the  world’s international film co-production markets. MMP specializes in start-up lead producers on their first or second feature of artistic intent.
Last year, MMP 2012 gave up one match offer that is still pending, while a second match was recently successful in achieving a next round of Funding: URSUS (co-produced between Ukraine’s Fresh Production, Bulgaria’s Geopoly, Aktis Film Germany and Studio O in Georgia ).

For 2013, MMP has struck an agreement with picture post production house Graal in Athens, whereby Graal will annually select one MMP project as a match for official Greek post funding effort, or in special cases, co-production in kind, with an international market value of €30,000+.
The final 3 projects chosen by Graal for this year have been announced, and the successful partner, if selected, will be made known at the opening of MMP 3013 on November 4th  during IFF Mannheim Heidelberg.

“Graal” projects include:

a. Cuba’s “Santa y Delfin” dir. Carlos Lechuga and produced by Claudia Calvino – the duo’s “Melaza” is also in competition at IFF Mannheim Heidelberg this year.

b. Italy’s “Without the Implant” (tentative title), Turin-based producer Enrica Capra’s  therapy drama set in the winter Alps, dir. Giorgio Cugno ( “Vacuum” 2012).

c. Serbia’s dark comedy “Requiem for Mrs. J” from producer Nenad Dukic (“Some other Stories”) and dir. Bojan Vuletic (“Practical Guide to Belgrade…”  2012).

In 2013 around 10 start-up producers from an initial 45 applicants will be invited to Mannheim. The other candidates having been eliminated through a natural process of preparing a suitable co-production presentation and market reactions from working minority producers. These come from over 20 countries, and make up the bulk of the 230 “virtual” connections achieved by MMP 2013.

During the month of October the presentation outlines of the final 10 start-up producers invited to Mannheim will be updated and finalised, based on the dozens of working producer reactions available. Their producers  will meet with matching minority producers and their choice of MMP Resident experts (see links below).
The physical meetings themselves at MMP 2013 are discussed and arranged with each MMP participant individually in the last October weeks before Mannheim, thus eliminating waste and optimising the formal times spent together.
MMP Residents: