MANNHEIM MEETING PLACE: the forum for start-up international co-producers.



But in fact the work on Co-production projects starts much earlier – 80% of project discussion takes place in the 3 or 4 months before each Mannheim IFF.

Starting each June, if you are a first or second-time feature producer then from the comfort of your office chair you are invited to develop a written co-production project presentation with us. It will then reach experienced minority co-producers working with MMP in over 30 countries.

The relevant among these working professionals will signal their interest in your project and go on to script reading and further questions – if they then want to continue working with you then both sides will be invited to Mannheim in November.

If we don’t locate interest you will at least be told why – MMP provides you with confidential and individual feed-back structure unparalleled worldwide, that can develop your self-confidence and attitude as a start-up producer.

To be honest, some of the questions did get me in the beginning, but I quickly realized the benefits of it usually.  Working with you has been tremendously helpful for me, I have learned a lot in the process. I really appreciate all the time that MMP invested in this project.” – from a 2017 participant,who had worked in 2 international co-productions before , now starting her first majority producer role.

Recent MMP successes can be checked here:

2019 Producer Guidelines for project submission can be found here:

MMP event transcripts and workshop summaries on all aspects of international co-production can be found by clicking on MMP at

MMP is open for submissions from 1st. June for a September 1st 2019 deadline. (PLEASE NOTE: Even if the deadline is September 1st, those who start working with us nearer June 1st will simply have advantage).

If you think there is a place for you at MMP 2019, as a:

start-up producer on your first or second majority arthouse feature production & looking for co-production partners,

OR you are  an experienced minority arthouse producer looking for minority projects into your territory

please contact us anytime via the addresses below.