Half time at the 67th International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg

Mannheim-Heidelberg, 20th of November 2018 – After 5 days the 67th International filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg has reached half time. So far, the absolute favourite of the audience is the opening film ‚TAZZEKA’. The Team around director Jean-Philippe Gaud consisting of producer Axelle Hutchings and actors Hauptdarsteller Madi Belem, Abbas Zahami and Ouidad Elma were ‚thrilled by the festival’ and the nightlife in Mannheim. They did not expect to see sold out screenings with about 600 visitors who came to see their debut film and lifely discussions.


The films of program of the International Newcomer Festival reached about 1000 visitors in total, which is a small sensation. ‚It is always an acknowledgement of our work as festival makers, that the audience comes to see unknown films from all over the world directed by entirely unkown directors’, says festival director Dr Michael Kötz, who expects a similar high number of cinemagoers than the year before, according to the tickets that have been sold so far. ‚The new screening location in Heidelberg is having a rough start, but that is nothing new with the frequent changes of the location that we had in the past. However, the two cinemas in Heidelberg are generating the same amount of visitors as Mannheim.’ The Filmfestival for children is very pleasant this year, as it is‚ ‚very well accepted by the audience’ this year.


From the 15th until the 25th of November the festival presents a total of 55 productions, 15 of them in the section ‚International Newcomer Competition’, 27 of them in the section ‚International Discoveries’, 4 of them in the ‚special’ section and 9 of them belong to the film festival for children.


During the festival, tickets can be purchased at the festival cashpoints at the screening locations Stadthaus and cinema Atlantis in Mannheim and, for the first time, the Messplatz in Heidelberg.