Luserna, Trentino/Alto Adige, Northern Italy. A small South Tyrolian mountain village with barely 300 inhabitants. Cellist Maria has returned to this isolated hamlet in which she was born, disenchanted with the competitive urban music industry. Her family consists of her ailing mother and a grieving sister in law, Maria’s brother having died in a fatal tractor accident. He had wanted to create a vineyard in the steep hills, as the region’s average temperature had increased due to climate change. The farm is debt-ridden. It is summer and the chair lifts and T-bars on the slopes are idle. You cannot help wondering whether winters here still produce enough snow for their use.

Maria’s grandfather once lead Luserna’s male choir. The peculiarity of the polyphone choir is that it sings in Zimbrian, a language that is still spoken in Luserna today. It is a mixture of old Bavarian and Italian, surviving only in remote mountain villages in the Alps of the Trentino region. The choir, Maria detects, still exists. But, its current members are all drunkards and even the choirmaster, Quirino, is never without his bottle of local spirits. He is nonetheless determined to take his choir to an international singing competition, and asks Maria for her help. Will their joint efforts lead to success?

It is a diminutive world that director Renzo Carbonera and his cinematographer Harald Erschbaumer present in startlingly beautiful images (and, naturally, sounds) to our eyes and ears. It is a microcosm, which mirrors global problems on our planet kaleidoscope-like. Everyone here will have to face the challenges of tomorrow, in this poetically poignant filmic plea against the temptation to give up.

18 November 2018 — 17:30 — Kino Atlantis
19 November 2018 — 21:00 — Kino im Stadthaus II
21 November 2018 — 14:00 — Kino im Stadthaus I
20 November 2018 — 20:00 — Kino I
21 November 2018 — 22:00 — Kino I

Renzo Carbonera 

Renzo Carbonera (*1980), living in a region between Bavaria and the northeast of Italy, graduated from the University of Padova, Italy, with a thesis on British director Ken Loach and completed his master’s degree in audiovisual communication. All of his nine documentaries have been screened on a global scale. Furthermore, Carbonera directed two fiction short films among them, “Hemingway’s Pen” (2011), premiered at the Venice Days of the Venice Film Festival in 2011. “Resin” (2017), inspired by a true story, is Carbonera’s first feature-length film.