Orange Days

Life is no picnic for 45-year-old Aban. She is the only woman in a male-dominated work environment. As a farm manager, she successfully beats her male competitor Kazem in a bid for a regional harvest job, for which she is even risking her own house as security. She is in charge of an all-female group of seasonal harvest workers on an orange plantation in Northern Iran. The youngest of her workers is only 17 and has a young baby that she cannot leave at home, which takes its toll on her work performance. The itinerant workers have to be housed somewhere close to the plantation. This leads to problems with the local police. The harvest drags on, funds are nearly exhausted and the women’s motivation is starting to wane. On top of that, some workers, who haven’t yet been paid, threaten to go on strike. But Aban cannot pay them until some of the harvest has been sold. It doesn’t take long for the male competitors’ envy and resentment to make itself felt. Acts of sabotage and a mysterious burglary in her warehouse mean that the first harvest disappears in its entirety. One evening, to top it all, her husband Majid decides to pack his bags and leave.Documentary filmmaker and debut-feature film director Arash Lahooti uses the detailed precision of documentary neorealism and a daringly edgy elliptical montage sequence, the context of which shall not be revealed here, but which underlines Aban’s courage yet again, to portray a brave woman who won’t be beaten. Not by her rivals in this extremely competitive sphere, nor by her husband or a burst tire which she obviously knows how to change by herself. The atmospherically accurate narrative combines the presentation of a working environment with the psychological portrayal of a woman who, behind her facade of self-defensive stoicism, carries a burden of history.

20 November 2018 — 20:00 — Kino im Stadthaus I
22 November 2018 — 16:00 — Kino im Stadthaus I
24 November 2018 — 21:30 — Kino Atlantis
21 November 2018 — 18:00 — Kino I
23 November 2018 — 14:00 — Kino I


Arash Lahooti was born in Tehran in 1982 and graduated from Yazd University with a degree in film editing. He continued with making documentaries and is regarded as one of the most successful Iranian documentary filmmakers. All of his five documentaries, including “Pale Blue” (2016), have been screened at more than 100 film festivals throughout the world, winning over 25 national as well as international awards, such as the Golden Hugo Award for Best Documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival in 2013. “Orange Days” (2018) is Arash Lahooti’s feature film debut.