Giants and the Morning After

“Once upon a time there were three trolls in the outer world”, narrates the voice-over at the beginning. “When they heard the church bells pealing, they threw stones against the belfry to make this horrible sound stop.”

We are in Ydre, the smallest hamlet to be found in Sweden. There is only one timber mill and a state-of-the-art dairy farm with a computer-controlled mechanical milker. Other than that, not much else there but fir trees, mist, a handful of lakes and last but not least: a wooden troll giant who seems to be the protector of the community. The school’s exam celebration, where diplomas are handed out, takes place at the church. After the ceremony, a blond high school graduate regales everybody with a touching rendition of Queen’s classic “I want to be free” on the electric guitar. To sum it up: a rural region with some peculiar charm, but it is like everywhere else in Europe, a region fighting a massive population exodus.

To stop it, the mayor with his sunny disposition, an endearing smile on his lips and little presents in his bags sets off to visit every family that is holding a newborn baby in their happy arms. “Yes, I hope, I’ll come again”, he says to the parents: “and again!”

A film full of little stories, attentively listened to by the sound crew and watched by the camera, that in the editing room morph into one story about the region and its people: A story shot through with everyday realism but also mythical elements, sometimes comedy, sometimes a thoughtful narration of a country life that suddenly does not seem to be so provincial anymore when granted a second glance. Still impressive is the relaxed, friendly attitude towards the African refugees who hope for a good job and a good life and who are very much welcome here and easily integrated.

20 November 2018 — 17:00 — Kino im Stadthaus II
22 November 2018 — 21:00 — Kino im Stadthaus II
24 November 2018 — 17:00 — Kino im Stadthaus I
21 November 2018 — 21:00 — Kino II
23 November 2018 — 17:00 — Kino II

Malla Grapengiesser,
Alexander Rynéus & Per Bifrost 

Malla Grapengiesser, Alexander Rynéus and Per Bifrost have worked together since spring 2011 with two earlier productions, “The Home and the Cavity” (2011) and the short film “Autonomous” (2014). Grapengiesser has been the producer, Rynéus and Bifrost the directors. “Giants and the Morning After“ (2018) is their first common feature length film, where Grapengiesser worked as a director together with Bifrost and Rynéus who also functioned as the cinematographers.