A Polar Year

Despite the warnings of boredom and the icy cold, Anders, a Danish school teacher, accepts a teaching position in Tiniteqilaaq, a rural fishing village in Greenland. The locals know all about European customs and the cultural differences to their own culture. For Anders, however, it comes as a culture shock. He has to learn the language here to be able to communicate with his students and their parents and at the same time has to get used to the life here. After his arrival, he becomes the only person the most lonely child in his class is willing to talk to, moves into the position of a potential lover of a village maid and ‒ why not ‒ will be taken into consideration as the future mayor. In a nutshell: Here, he is more than just a teacher, here he is some hope for everybody, even more since no one else has ever lasted longer than a school year anyway.

Back home, things were different. At the beginning of the film we see how unhappy his father is about his plans to work in a country he considers backwater. A bit later, Anders explains to a Tunumiit hunter the pressure he had to bear back home and all those expectations he had to escape from by travelling to this place and starting a new job. “The Danish”, the hunter responds, “are so complicated.”

Director and cinematographer Samuel Collardey, known for his hybrid work method of observing and staging, combines dramatized scenes and documentary sequences, among them spectacular shots from a drone’s point-of-view that show how the heavy blanket of winter is made almost invisible by the overflowing cornucopia of colorful wildflowers . Against this backdrop of a breathtaking landscape full of cold beauty he puts Anders’ story and his friendship to a local child on film as an emotionally touching mutual process of teaching and learning.

16 November 2018 — 21:30 — Kino Atlantis
17 November 2018 — 23:00 — Kino im Stadthaus II
18 November 2018 — 14:00 — Kino im Stadthaus I
15 November 2018 — 15:00 — Kino II
25 November 2018 — 20:00 — Kino I

Foto: Karine Collardey

Samuel Collardey 

Samuel Collardey, born 1975 in Besançon in Eastern France, worked in television for four years before commencing his studies at Fémis, the most renowned film school in France. As his final assignment, he submitted the movie “Du soleil en hiver“ (2005), which was awarded several prizes. Following up came “L’Apprenti“ (2008), “Comme un lion“ (2012) and “Tempête“ (2015). In 2015, Collardey also directed two episodes of the political thriller show “Le Bureau des Légendes“. In accordance with his tradition to mix documentation and adventure film, he now presents “A Polar Year“ (2018).