Festival Profile

Newcomer Festival

Every year thousands of visitors are attracted to the biggest film festival in Baden-Wuerttemberg – the International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg. Among 1.000 international film festivals it is the seven oldest one and also to all professional experts the most well-known film event in Baden-Wuerttemberg. As a “Newcomer Festival“ it is specialized in discovering new talented arthouse directors and renowned for its top-flight selection – “It's quality not quantity that counts“ as its motto - that is limited to about 50 films, which indeed have to be real premieres.

Most of the time, the newcomers of Mannheim-Heidelberg don't remain unknown and have international success after a few years time, as for example Jim Jarmusch, Atom Egoyan, Wim Wenders, Thomas Vinterberg, Derek Cianfrance, Lou Ye, Hong Sang-soo, Rafi Pitts or Guillaume Nicloux, who started their world fame as beginners in Mannheim-Heidelberg.

In spite of the appreciation of the profession, Mannheim-Heidelberg always remained a real festival for the audience at the same time.

68 years of Mannheim-Heidelberg...

Mannheim-Heidelberg is one of the oldest filmfestivals in the world – and the second oldest in Germany.

For 66 years it has been a forum for the art of cinema, for films with a personal signature - the author's film. During the history of the festival, debut features of now famous directors were first introduced to an international public: Francois Truffaut (1959), Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1969), Wim Wenders (1969), Krzysztof Kieslowski (1975), Lars von Trier (1984), Jim Jarmusch (1980), Atom Egoyan (1984), Andreas Dresen (1990), Bryan Singer (1993), Guillaume Nicloux (1994), Angela Schanelec (1995), Ferenc Moldovanyi (1995), Dani Kouyate (1995), Kristian Petri (1995), Sang-Martin Sulik (1996), Park Chul-Soo (1996), Chang Sun-Woo (1996), Anders Ronnow-Klarlund (1996) , Shinji Aoyama (1996), Lou Ye (1996), Sang-Soo Hong (1996), Rafi Pitts (1997), Igor Sterk (1997), Thomas Vinterberg (1997), Isabelle Stever (1997), Andrei Nekrasov (1997), Derek M. Cianfrance (1998), Jonas Elmer (1998), Frederic Fonteyne (1998), Moussa Toure (1998), Hiner Saleem (1998), Nikolas Winding Refn (1998), Luca Guadignino (1999) , Lasse Spang Olsen (1999), Christian Philibert (1999), Peter Payer (1999), Nabil Ayouch (2000), Ragnar Bragason (2000), Jérome Enrico (2001), Stanislaw Mucha (2001), Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel (2001), Ole Christian Madsen (2001), Tayfun Pirselimoglu (2002), Matias Bize (2003), Simon Staho (2004), Annemarie Jacir (2004), Jan Schomburg (2004), Felix van Groeningen (2004), Rahmin Bahrani (2005) , Geoffrey Enthoven (2006) and Paula Hernandez (2008).