Strikingly many women — the guests of the 67th International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg

For the opening on 15th November 2018 the 67th International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg presents the tragic comedy TAZZEKA (France/ Morocco).


Festival director Dr Michael Kötz expects director Jean-Philippe Gaud , producer Axelle Hutchings and actors Madi Belem and his collegues Ouidad Elma and Abbas Zamani to join the gala in Heidelberg. The team around festival director Dr Michael Kötz expects about 300 national and international professional guests of the film industry to join the festival for eleven days from 15th to  25th November. Among them are the members of this year’s International Jury: Maria Monserrat Sánchez Soler, director of international ffairs atIMCINE (Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía), Liane Jessen, head of the editorial department film at Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) and Michel Demopoulos, film critic and former director of the Thessaloniki festival.

Our guests:

Kastriot Abdyli (The Return), Stewart Arlen Aguayo (Roads in February), Ömür Atay (Brothers), Maria Avdjushko (Fire Lily), Paul Barbeau (We Have Forever), Ines Barrionuevo (Julia & the Fox), Fabiana Bartuccelli (Blood & the Moon), Travis Beard (Rockabul), Nicolas Bellenchombre (Cowboy Camembert), Per Bifrost (Giants And The Morning After), Renzo Carbonera (Resin), Volkan Cevik (Brothers), Tommaso Cotronei (Blood and the Moon), Bruno Cucio (Para’i), Honggu Cui  (Pure Land), Antoine DesRochers (We Have Forever), Constanza Figari (7 weeks), Andreas Goldstein (Adam & Evelyn), Malla Grapengiesser (Giants And The Morning After), Sheri Hagen (Fenster Blau), Hazir Haziri (The Return), Veit Helmer (Vom Lokführer, der die Liebe suchte), Uwe Janson (Regisseur), Joi Jóhannsson (Summer Children), Anna Kersting (Power to the children), Magnus Kristiansen (The Comet), Niklas Kullström (Eastern Memories), Aet Laigu (Fire Lily), Christine Migeotte (When Arabs Danced), Alexandre Moratto (Socrates), Ali Mosaffa (Orange Days), Jakobine Motz (Adam & Evelyn), Jawad Rhalid (When Arabs Danced), Marcus Richardt (Goliath96), Katja Riemann (Goliath96), Bård Rossevold (The Comet), Alexander Ryneus (Giants And The Morning After), Amanda Puga Salman (My North Is The South), Alba Sotorra (Commander Arian), Elizaveta Stishova (Suleiman Mointain), Warren Sulatycky (April in Autumn), Zhenyu Sun (Pure Land), Cedric Tanguy (Cowboy Camembert), Vinicius Toro (Para’i), Karelle Tremblay (The Fireflies Are Gone), Liina Triskina-Vanhatalo (Take It Or Leave It), Isold Uggadottir (And Breathe Normally), Paavo Westerberg (The Violin Player). 


‚We view the films only by their titles without knowing who directed or produced the film’, says festival director Dr Michael Kötz. ‚After the selection, we look at the credits and are often surprised by who is behind the films. This year, there are strikingly many women in our programme, 21 in total. It seems like there is something moving in international cinema.’